Glum! The Isles of Scilly, usually clement, but this picnic is cold. It’s perfect for a glum family on a short vacation to see off Edward, who is about to leave for a new job of combating AIDS and promoting safe sex in Africa. There is some levity, a few smiles, but the group is dispirited. They have hired a cook, Rose, and she’s prepared two baskets with chips and hummus, apples, brownies, and white wine. But no one really cares. This is a family like an archipelago, a cluster of people like islands.

Second, picnic, the mother Patricia (Kate Fahy) sits with Christopher (Christopher Baker), an artist friend while he sketches the seascape. There are two baskets with provisions, but each is untouched. Each character is an island in a family chain; each is hungry for companionship, but not for food.

Featured Image: Joanna Hogg. Archipelago (2014). Screenplay by Joanna Hogg. Wild Horses Film Company. Christopher (Christopher baker), Patricia (Kate Fahy), (Rose) Amy Lloyd, Cynthia (Lydia Leonard), and Edward (Tom Hiddleston) endure a picnic.