“Ham or liverwurst,” he asks. “Liverwurst,” she replies with a knowing smile.” It’s the start of a picnic (and a convoluted romance) for Dr. Anthony Edwardes (aka John Ballantyne) and Constance Petersen. Are we meant to wonder at Petersen’s knowing smile as she answers Edwardes innocent question, or is this  a tease?

“Liverwurst,” yes!

Because Hitchcock cut the actual picnic from Spellbound, some say that this ploy is Hitchcock and his screenwriter Ben Hecht at their wurst?

See: Alfred Hitchcock. Spellbound (1945). Screenplay by Ben Hecht adapted by Angus McPhail based on The House of Dr. Edwardes (1927) Francis Beeding (Hillary A. Saunders) and John Palmer.