Laurent de Brunhoff ‘s Babar Visits Another Planet (1972) begins at the start of yet another family picnic until a rocketship upsets the fun. Then Babar, Celeste, their children Pom, Flora, Arthur, cousin Alexander, and the monkey Zephir are sucked into the rocket and taken to a distant planet. It all ends well, and the elephants return home safely, by rocketship, of course. Retelling the adventure, Babar tells his friend the Old Lady, “It isn’t every day you get taken to another planet.” “I certainly hope not,” she replies.

The picnic is set on the grass, surrounded by palms and other jungle growth. Celeste’s basket sits on a blue and white gingham cloth and holds a bottle of still or fizzy water. Already unpacked are sandwiches, bananas, and a plate of peaches or tomatoes.

Featured Image: Laurent de Brunhoff. “One beautiful day in the country of the elephants.” In Babar Visits Another Plant [Babar sur la planète molle]. (New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1972)