Betty Boop, a pretty, silly woman with a sense of humor, was created by Max Fleischer but drawn by Bud Counihan. Among the cartoon strip episodes is a picnic poking self-deprecating fun at Betty’s career as a movie star, “And I’m to ride in this ‘Indian raid” scene, huh?” (1934). The strip shows Betty working hard on the movie set during which she’s been uncomfortably bouncing on her horse. When the crew stops for lunch, and Betty eats standing, the director helpfully calls out, “Why don’t you sit down Betty and be comfortable?” Betty, hand on her tush, says, “Er—I feel more comfortable standing. thanks!”Fleischer & Counihan-Betty Boop-1934 stripBetty’s menu is hot dogs, fried chicken, cold meats, pickles ketchup or mustard, and soft drinks.

Featured Image:  Bud Counihan. Betty Boop.“And I’m to ride in this ‘Indian raid” scene, huh?” (November 14,1934; King Features Syndicate, Inc.), Library of Congress.See: Judith O’Sullivan. The Great American Comic Strip: One Hundred Years of Cartoon Art Boston: Little Brown, 1990.